3 topic ideas for your healthcare blog during COVID-19


coronavirus-4914026_1280.jpgAs the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, marketing teams are reprioritizing content creation and zeroing in on the specific needs of audiences at home.

Between near constant website updates, news releases, social media, and other projects, it’s a lot to manage. And unfortunately, during times of high workload, it’s easy to view the blog on your site as a low-ranking priority on your to-do list.

But you don’t have to let your blog become stagnant during COVID-19. Just because previously popular service lines aren’t being highlighted right now doesn’t mean there’s nothing worth sharing.

In fact, I’d argue just the opposite.

Here are three ideas to toss around with your team:

3 topic ideas for your healthcare blog during COVID-19

  1. Patient stories. Even if elective procedures and other appointments are on hold, patients are still having experiences in your hospital, health clinic, etc. Women are still giving birth. People still have emergencies during pandemics. And some of the noteworthy stories worth covering may even be miraculous tales of COVID-19 recovery. Now is a great way to showcase how your physicians, nurses, and other medical experts are caring for patients and making them feel at ease during an otherwise uncertain, stressful time.
  2. Tips for staying safe during COVID-19. I’ve seen a lot of on-site messages about updated hospital policies and how patients and visitors can lower their risk during the pandemic. But I’ve seen little about how individuals can stay safe even if they’re not visiting a hospital. What precautions should people take if they must step foot in a grocery store? How can essential workers keep themselves and their families safe when they don’t have a choice but to go out? What are the do’s and dont’s of wearing face masks, gloves, etc? These are all important, on-brand topics to discuss when incorporating COVID-19 related information into your company blog.
  3. Subject matter expert (SME) advice on staying healthy unrelated to COVID-19. Of course, it’s responsible and important to share information on proper hand-washing, disinfecting, and other safety precautions. However, people want to know now more than ever before how they can support their immune systems and maintain health in other ways. No, exercising and eating fruits and vegetables won’t prevent anyone from infection. But offering readers advice from a trusted physician on how they can improve their diet and stay healthy without gym access is helpful information nonetheless.

It may feel as though life has paused, but your blog doesn’t have to.

What are ways you’re communicating important messages to your readers during this time?



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