What makes good content?

What makes good content?

What makes good content?

My number one tip for writing good content? Keep it real.

That’s because at the core of every great brand, there is an existing authenticity that tells a story, portrays core values or reflects a certain culture or personality type. This authenticity is what the target audience relates to and is often what turns everyday consumers into empowered brand loyalists.

But just as genuineness and honesty are hard for many people, achieving authenticity is often difficult for brands. It’s risky. It’s courageous. Being real means opening oneself up to criticism and critique.

So, how can we define this? Whether found on social media, blogs or company websites, here are three distinct qualities of authentic content:

1. Relevant

Authentic content doesn’t stray from the brand’s original purpose and the target audience’s interests. Fitness Magazine wouldn’t blog about a new chocolate cake recipe just as Dunkin Donuts wouldn’t tweet about the importance of daily exercise. If they did, fans of these brands might be completely thrown off. Stick by your audience, and your analytics (and your sales) will thank you.

2. Helpful

Great brands know their target audience’s likes, dislikes, tastes and preferences. That’s why great brands creating authentic content are considered helpful in their attempts to educate, entertain or benefit target audiences in one way or another.

Check out Birchbox’s YouTube channel for great examples of helpful, authentic content. It’s obvious at every level that they know their audience and deliver free, high-quality tips to consumers using that marketing knowledge, in-turn boosting their sales.

3. Original

Being you means being original. Consumers see through generic, regurgitated information that fails to stand out from the clutter of marketing messages we see each day. Sometimes, being original means taking risks—and sometimes, that’s okay!

Looking for authentic content? Let’s talk.


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